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Bulk food Buying in TN

Before we moved from CA to TN I did a bi-monthly shopping trip to good-ol costco. We were fortunate to have a Costco that carried a lot of NON GMO and organic options. I still did a monthly order from Azure Standard but it was no where near the size it is now.

Once we moved we very quickly realized we were in a “food desert”, there were some organic options but they were very pricy in comparison to CA. We upped our Azure order and also set out the find local farms we could buy from.

Now I am not in the mindset that EVERYTHING needs to be certified organic, if I can source things directly from a farm that doesn’t spray or follows IPM management I think that surpasses an organic label.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a science-based, sustainable decision-making process that uses information on pest biology, environmental data, and technology to manage pest damage in a way that minimizes both economic costs and risks to people, property, and the environment.

So if you just moved or you are not wanting to make the trip to box stores like Costco and wanting to support smaller companies I’m going to share a few with you.

Azure Standard

I mentioned this before and you may have no clue what I was talking about! Azure Standard is located in Oregon and they grow non gmo and organic foods. They also partner with smaller companies and carry their items on their website. They are a Christian family that have been doing this for years (I went to azure drops as a kid )

I share all my azure hauls on youtube, click below!

How does it work?

First you set up an account online with them, I have a referral link if you would like them to know I sent ya!

Next you will find where your closest “drop” is.

A drop is where the people in your community meet the azure truck and receive your items.

Then you order your items and pay online.

Common questions-

Is there a membership?

No, you order when you want. There is a $5 small order fee for orders less the $50

Can I order cold items?

Yes! Azure trucks have a frozen and refrigerated section.

Do I always get what I order?

This is a tricky answer, in short not always. Azure pulls orders as they go out so even if you place your order before other people, if there are trucks leaving the warehouse before your truck is and 25 people ordered chocolate chips and there are only 25 in stock (making you the 26th person) then you likely won’t get that item. Because the huge growth azure has seen I have had this happen much more lately. Is it frustrating? Yes, but I still appreciate the items I am able to get!

Do I get credited back if items don’t ship?

Yes, you should never be charged for those items. I always encourage people to check their boxes and call azure within a day if something you were charged for is not there.

Is it just human food?

Nope! They have animal feed, toiletries, plants in the spring and more.

Is it really cheaper?

Some items are a fantastic deal, others you can for sure find cheaper elsewhere.

Is there shipping?

If you are east of the Rockies, yes there is shipping.

After I place my order, can I change it?

If it’s before cut off yes, you can edit it up until cut off point

Naturally a deal

This is more location specific, it’s not all over the US like Azure Standard is.

The best comparison I can come come up with is a grocery outlet. They have name-brand items but they won’t always have those items the next time you order. I like them because you can get a really great price but sometimes the item may be expiring within the next week or it’s already just expired.

They also connect with local farmers and farmers all along the East Coast to be able to bring you in season produce. this year I’ve bought bushels of apples, lemons, oranges, pears, and plums that all came directly from the farm. I like this because I can preserve things while they are in season and get them at a great bulk price. They work with Mennonite farms in our area who don’t spray so that’s also a big benefit. Naturally a deal is more new so they’re still working out their kinks as they have also experienced a tremendous amount of growth. Right now there is no option to pay online and you bring a check or do their "cash app" to pay.

Mennonite Stores

Another place we have found for buying bulk is the local Mennonite stores. We are able to order flour and sugar in 50lb bag, plus lost more items if we aren't able to get them through Azure. I have found that the Oats are cheaper with Azure but the flour and sugar are cheaper ordering directly through a Mennonite store. We get the king arthur non-GMO flour.

Costco and Sams Club

Of course Costco and Sam’s Club still exist, I do have family members and friends who still travel to these big box stores and will pick me up miscellaneous items if I ask. But truthfully a lot of what Costco in particular stands for and how they handled different situation this past year made me not want to give them my business.

Thank you for reading! I hope you find this helpful and as I discover more bulk buying places, I'll be sure to share them here! Don't forget to subscribe so you won't miss a post!


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