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Butter Making

I often get asked how I make butter and what are my must haves for butter making. Truthfully? It is pretty simple and you don’t need much.

Use a blender or a kitchen aid, or old school and shake it in a jar 🫙

I prefer to not add salt to mine. It is easier for me to know all the butter is unsalted so when cooking/baking I can add salt accordingly

How I Make Butter

1) Hand skim the cream

2) Place it in a jar to culture (see nourishing traditions to learn more)

3) If not culturing, I place it right into my blender. (If you have a fancy vitamix, I don’t suggest this, it tends to heat up the butter)

4) I let it sit in my blender on the counter for about 30 min or so, really I just don’t want it super cold cause it takes way longer to break into butter and you can overturn it.

5) I put my blender on high until it breaks apart, usually this takes 5-10 min. 6) Rinse the butter and place it in a butter mold before transferring it to the freezer! 7) Pop them out of the mold and wrap them in plastic wrap/parchment paper or something else to store them!

If you are just wanting to practice making butter you can get heavy cream from the store! Did you make butter? I would love to see! Tag me on Instagram!

Happy butter making!


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03. Apr. 2023

Can you add seasoning as it is blending or wail till it is done and add before

Gefällt mir
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