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Summer is here!

Hello there friends! I've been absent from this blog and from social media for a little while now but all for good reasons. Hopefully soon it will be the time to share, for now farm life keeps moving forward!


Pig Update

The pigs are growing so well! If you are on our waitlist for pork and you never heard from me it's because we sold out just from our herdshare and family alone! We are hoping to raise another batch but this year finding quality piglets that meet our holistic standards has been harder then before. It seems many of the breeders we used in the past stopped keeping a breeding pair because the cost. I feel we can all relate to this!

We finally invested in the premier 1 netting and man it's a game changer! So much easier moving them in this then in the single strand hot wire we used before. I can do it by myself with a baby strapped in the ergo- this is a necessity for farm chores! The pigs have helped fill up garden space for our new plots, it's great putting them to use on the farm.


Garden Harvest

This year I grew cabbage successfully for the first time. They were massive and I still have several more I need to harvest. Have a favorite cabbage recipe? Please tell me in the comments! I would love to put these to good use!

Felicity and I tried our hand at sauerkraut too, I'll have to update you on how that turns out since it's still in the crock fermenting. (Just a reminder, all links are affiliated, I earn a small commission if you choose to use them. As always check your local stores and garage sales first! 😉)

We added carrots from our garden too! It's such a great feeling when all ingredients were grown on your land.


New cows 🐮

Marigold had her first baby, a bull calf, on Abraham's birthday! He got to name him and he decided on John.

If you are expecting a calf or want to know our protocol be sure to check out our course!

John wasn't the only new addition on the farm, we also brought home Honey! A fully tested a2a2 jersey bred for a November a2a2 heifer.


& That's a wrap for now

There is much more to share but as the days have been so busy and I have not been active on social media, I have taken very little photos! We hope you are all doing wonderful, enjoying your summer, cooking up something yummy and loving on your family.

Until later friends

♥️ Jenesse

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