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Dehydrator, is it worth it?

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When you start homesteading there is a long list of things you “need”. From in the garden and seed starting, to animal feeders and of course the tools for preserving food.

Less is always more in my book; I don’t like extra stuff and if I am going to buy it I want to make sure I will get my money out of it.

So the dehydrator, more particularly the Excalibur dehydrator, is it worth it?

If you don’t want to can everything and you plan to make more of your “snack” foods, I would say yes. It took me a long time to pull the trigger and buy this cause truthfully it’s expensive. We are a single income home and spending a couple hundred dollars on something isn’t taken lightly. I watched eBay/ “open box” on Amazon and overstock. I ultimately ended up buying this on sale, previous model, with a coupon from overstock.

I almost bought it from an “open box” deal on Amazon but didn’t act quickly enough and it was gone.

Why the Excalibur?

Quite frankly I wanted the size and the ability to do big batches of food. Plus I like that the trays are removable and you can have bigger items in it. I like that the directions for whatever you are dehydrating is right there and it takes out the guess work.

What I don’t like about it?

The hands down worst thing about it is the space it takes up, it’s huge and ugly on the counter. But our kitchen is a working kitchen so I get over it and enjoy the perks it has!

What do we make in it?

We got the dehydrator at the end of garden season, I didn’t get to use it in its full glory but the little I did I loved the products.

- Dehydrated tomatoes

- Dehydrated peppers

- Fruit leathers

- Apple chips

- Beef jerky

- Herbs

If you are looking to preserve more of your food or food you buy in bulk the Excalibur is a great buy!

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Don’t over complicate it! -Jenesse

Dehydrated tomatoes

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