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The Family Milk Cow (the course)

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

We are so excited to be launching our first ever course! The family milk cow is the heart of our homestead, she gives to every part of the farm! So many families are wanting to add a family milk cow or recently have. We thought why not share what we have learned over the last 6 years of owning dairy cows with y’all?!

This course will be launching March 30th (maybe even sooner 🤞🏻) and will have PDF downloads and lots of video content!

We will be talking about how to find your milk cow, what to ask, all the way to calving and everything in-between! It will be an overview of lots of what we have learned, our failures and our victories.

Make sure you are signed up to our blog and following our Instagram cause we will be sending out a announcement when it is up for sale! The first week will be special pricing and then it will go up after that.

Our hope and goal with this course is to help give you the tools to confidently have a family milk cow on your farm!

Thanks so much for all your support! -Vaughan Family Farm

Nathan & Jenesse

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